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    8 reasons why society management software

    We bridge the distance digitally between the housing society and its members to serve everyone for a smoother flow in your daily routine. Dwellze is a comprehensive, yet simplified society management solution with a vision to help the society management efficiently manage daily tasks and to enhance the experience of the society residents. Dwellze is a gateway for better and a much more secure society living experience. We have streamlined all the things you would need from your society as a resident as well as a manager!

    1) Adaptable:

    In the era of digitalization where everything is on the phone, your society management related concern can also get sorted by a simple software “DWELLZE” It becomes easy and adaptable for everyone in today’s era. Getting updates, Booking Services & much more all at your fingertips with an ease of understanding & using it.

    2) Management friendly:

    We understand managing a society is not an easy job for the management as they have to push themselves and get time to complete the tasks from scheduling meetings, maintaining the security to keep everything streamlined, thus a society management software becomes an assistant for society management committee and helps them to easily overcome the workload also makes it easy for them to balance out the responsibilities.

    3) Transparent Administration:

    When everything related to society is quickly accessible to every resident, the conflict of no transparency can never be raised. A transparent administration creates trust amongst the society resident and management committee and apart from that, it makes the working go in a smooth way which is possible with the help of society management software.

    4) Service Management:

    In a society, there are various services that a resident can use but at times due to rush hours or more people using it simultaneously a resident fails to utilize it. Hereby, society management software becomes useful as you can manage all the services as per your needs and requirements with an assurity of handling your reservations without being queued up.

    5) Security:

    Security will always be the primary attention for any resident & Society’s security is your and your family’s security, in any society, a lot of people do visit, keeping the track manually is a tedious job. From your visitors to staff management keeping a track becomes possible in more secured way and all can be taken care of by one software effortlessly, this can be accessible by the concerned authority anytime to keep the check, this enhance’s the security of your family as well as of your society.

    6) Time-saving:

    When it comes to informing anything regarding the society updates one has take out time and go door to door to update all the resident, which is a time-consuming task, by using a society management software we can save the time and utilize it for more productive & betterment of the society.

    7) Alerts and Notifications:

    All the residents of society have the right to know what’s happening in society and other pieces of information regarding society which can be easily done with the alerts and notification feature provided by the society management software, the application also offers broadcast messaging facilities or notification facilities.

    8) Organized data:

    A society is a place where there are a number of people & families residing, the data regarding it keeps getting updated, changed or deleted. Maintaining it manually may not just make it unorganized but also give a fear of losing data. However with the help of society management software the data like name, no. of members in the family, wing, floor no. flat no etc and every vital information can be stored in an organized manner which is quickly accessible and can be fetched whenever required.

    September 04, 2019
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